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For complete details on our services, call us at 952.884.5226 Many services range in price based on stylist level.


Brows & Lashes

Brow Wax$28
Eliminate unwanted hair for well-groomed brows styled to your taste.
Tinting$25/Lash Tint$17/Brow Tint$30/Brow Stain
Color service for your brows and/or lashes. Brow stain is more intense, and creates a longer lasting cosmetic-like effect.
Lash Lift$75
Its a perm for your lashes! Gives a lash-curler effect for 8-12 weeks (based on lash growth). Add tint (recommended) for $10. Not compatible with lash extensions.
Brow Lamination$65
Perms unruly eyebrow hair into a fuller, lifted and more uniform shape. Also available with a wax and tint.


Facial Waxing$15 Any of the following: Lip/Chin/Cheek/Nasal/Ear/Sideburn
Bikini$45/Line Only $55/Full $70/Brazilian
Butt$20/Strip $35/Full
Legs$44/Partial $66/Full
Arm$33/Partial $55/Full $33/Underarm
Back$35/Lower Back $70/Full
Stomach$15/Strip $35/Full


Classic Manicure$55
Includes nail shaping, cuticle care, buffing, a hand massage, and your choice of nail polish. Gel polish is included with this service, as well as a gel polish soak off or removal for those with prior polish! For those looking for nail art or a complex design, please include the "Design Add On" service in your appointment to reserve time for your style choices. This service features our Davines Hand Creme, and is finished with a complimentary cuticle oil for your at-home cuticle care.
Luxe Manicure$75
Includes detailed nail care, masque and hot stone massage
Buff & Shine Manicure$50
For simple cuticle and hand care, our buff and shine manicure includes nail trimming, filing, a hand massage and exfoliation scrub. Nails are finished with your choice of either a clear/matte top coat OR a buff and shine. Color Gel polish is NOT included with this service but may be added to your service ($5 add on). Gel Polish Removal is NOT included.
Classic Pedicure$65
A classic approach to pedicures, including a foot soak, nail shaping and cuticle care, buff and skin exfoliation, foot message and polish. Gel polish is included. If you are looking to add a polish design or nail art, please book one of our "Design Add On" services that corresponds to the style of nail art you are looking for!
Luxe Pedicure$85
Our Luxury Pedicure includes a foot soak, nail shaping and buffing, and our nail and cuticle care inspired by Russian Manicure techniques. The service also offers deep exfoliation, a hot towel treatment, hot stone massage, and nail polish of your choice!
StructureGel Manicure$95 (new) $65 (1-3 week fill) $75 (rebalance fill 4+ weeks)
A Structure Gel overlay on natural nails or short forms to help protect the nail, encourage growth, and/or repair broken nails. This service also included our nail and cuticle care inspired by Russian Manicure technigues. Finish with a nail polish of your choice, including gel polishes. For those looking for nail art or a complex design, please include the "Design Add On" service in your appointment to reserve time for your style choices.
Polygel Nail Extensions (new)$85 (Overlay/Short) $95 (Medium) $120 (Long)
Polygel combines the best of both acrylic and gel nails, allowing for long lasting nails that are perfect for those who work with their hands. Our polygel nails are applied with tips or forms for added length. This service includes our Russian Manicure inspired cuticle care, and is finished with your choice of design using only gel polish. For those looking for nail art or a complex design, please include the "Design Add On" service in your appointment to reserve time for your style choices.
Polygel Nail Extensions (fills)$70 (1-3 weeks)$85 (Rebalance/4+ weeks)
This service is only for client with existing Polygel nail extensions, and is best for maintenance of your nail set. This service helps to prep new growth of the natural nail, applying the same base color or recreating a new design. This service uses only gel polish. For those looking for nail art or a complex design, please include the "Design Add On" service in your appointment to reserve time for your style choices.
GelX Extensions (new set)$50-$75+ based on length
Gelx Pricing is based on style of nail extensions- Extra Short: $50 Short: $55 Medium: $65 Long: $70 Extra Long: $75+ A Soft Gel Extension that comes in many different shapes and sizes. Sturdy, lightweight, and non-odor. Perfect for clients who change their nail shape or design often. Gelx extensions can last between 3-6 weeks with proper aftercare, and are good options for clients looking to grow out their natural nails. Clients must come with bare nails (no prior nail extensions, nail polish, etc.)
GelX Extensions (fills)$60
Fills are ideal for clients between 2-4 weeks of their initial Gelx installation. We use structure gel to fill in and rebalance the new growth of the nail. After 4 weeks, it is best to book a soak-off and reapply as the structure of the gelx will be compromised.
Design Addons$15-$65+
We offer four "levels" of design to add to your nails, based on the degree of work and detail required: Lvl 1: Simple designs to your nails, including French design on short nails, solid multicolor nails, solid chrome, glitter or gold flake, small hearts, and cat eye polish, or accent designs on 1-2 nails. Not exceeding 15 minutes of application time. Lvl 2: Detailed designs including French on medium or long nails, flowers, snow flakes, blooming gel, Cheetah print, marble, gold leaf, swirls, stars, or designs on 3-4 nails. Not exceeding 30 minutes of application time. Lvl 3: Simple designs and 3D art to your nails, including 3D gel, "wet" nails, abstract or 3D chrome, ombre, aurora, aura, sweater nails, or simple designs on all fingers. Designs possible within 45 minute application period. Lvl 4: Complex designs to your nails, including realistic characters, 3D gel with gemstones (gems and charms included), Korean jelly nails, encapsulations, micro art, aura + chrome, complex designs on all nails. This level is charged per hour and will be booked based on nail artist's recommended time. We do require that you notify us of your desired design, otherwise we cannot guarantee a completed design within booked time.
Soak-Off + Buff (feet or hands)$20 (reg. gel polish removal)$40 (hard/polygel removal)

Hair Color

Retouch Color$90+
Same single process as an all over color but applied to the new growth only of an established color. This is not for bleach or foil retouches. Use this if you are staying the same color. For color changes or growth longer than 6 weeks please book a consultation for another service.
Mini Foil$90+
All Over Color$122+
Single process solid color from scalp to ends to maintain existing color, or make a subtle change from your natural color. Includes blow dry finish. No foils or bleach included.
Partial Foil$122+
This is the same technique as a foil application but with fewer foils. Great for more natural results, or only touching up the top where color is seen most between full services.
Foiling is a color technique where pieces of hair are colored and separated from the non-colored hair section by foils. Multiple shades can be used through the hair for overall subtle light or dark looks.
Partial Balayage$159+
Same technique as a balayage but less hair is lightened. Great for a more natural look or to focus on the top where color is seen most between full services.
Bleach & Tone (root only)$159+
A retouch is for someone who has an established bleach and tone no older than 6 weeks regrowth. If it has been longer than 6 weeks please book a consultation to see if you'll need a color correction.
Artistry Color$220+
ARTISTRY color allows time and product for your stylist to really create something special just for you. Balayage, Foilyage, Babylights, or Full Head Bleach & Tone services can also be booked as this if you need help deciding which technique is best for you. If you have existing color a consultation is best to set yourself up for the right expectations and estimate of time and cost.
Toner Refresh$81+
1 step toner for established color. Does not include highlights, lowlights or gray coverage.


Bang, Beard or Neck Trim$15+
Fringe, neck or beard cleanup.
Clipper or Short Cut (above the ear)$45+
For short/above-the-ear cuts only. Wash, cut and second wash/rinse with hot towel for face.
Haircut & Style$50+
Includes consultation, shampoo, condition and blowdry finish.
Luxe Haircut$108+
Take your haircut to the next level. Bundled with a choice of 2 treatments (shine, conditioning, express toner, scalp treatment, bond rebuilder).


Shampoo, and blow dry finish. Irons not included.
Blowout + Iron Finish$45+
Shampoo, blow dry and finish with curling or flat iron
Silk Press$98+
The ultimate style experience for highly textured hair. Includes scalp treatment, deep conditioning and blowout finish with irons
Luxe Style$65+
Great for any special events. For bridal parties, please contact us at
Wash & Rod Set$98+
Wash and set for more curl-defined looks with rods
Wash & Quick Set$98+
Wash and set for more curl-defined looks with twists.

Lash Extensions

Classic Lash full set bundle$180
Classic lashes are the perfect way to enhance natural lashes. One individual lash is applied to one natural lash to create a set of longer thicker lashes. Depending on your desired look, there are a variety of curls, lengths and thickness to choose from. Includes 1 complimentary 2 week fill, to be prebooked at checkout.
Classic Lash 2 week fill$60
A lash fill involves removing extensions from overgrown lashes and applying a new lash extensions on new natural lashes to keep a full and refreshed lash line. Lash bath included.
Classic Lash 3 week fill$75
Classic Lash 4 week fill$90
Lash Bath$15
A lash bath is a foam cleanser we apply to the natural lashes before any lash service. Included in all our fill services. It's used to clean off any oils or makeup residue on the natural lash to ensure that they're free of any dust or debris. It is important to keep your lashes clean for lash retention and for your health and safety. If you're having trouble keeping up on your own or just want a spa for your lashes we can take care of it for you.
Classic Lash 2 Week Fill Bundle$300
6 fills for the price of 5! Pay ahead and just tick one off after each visit. Ask for our lash fill series, or purchase through our client web app


Most first-time texture services require a consultation prior to booking an appointment to ensure proper expectations and compatibility with your hair.

Curly Perm$214+
Add curls or retexture your existing ones! Requires a consultation first to evaluate hair and expectations.
Straightening service for coarser hair textures. This is a sodium hydroxide-based service, and is incompatible with hair that has been processed with thio-based texture services, such as curly perms or Japanese Straightening.
Japanese Straightening$500+ for virgin application
Also known as "thermal reconditioning". Straightens and smooths curly or coarse/frizzy hair. Lasts until it grows out. Not effective with kinky/coily hair, and is not compatible with hair that has been relaxed. Consultation required.
Classic Keratin Treatment$350+
Semi-permanent smoothing service that lasts up to 5 months. We use Cezanne treatments, which are free of both formaldehyde and formaldehyde producing chemicals commonly associated with other keratin treatments. We also have Instant and Express Keratin treatment options, which are designed to try out or receive the treatment with a shorter commitment.


All hair extension services require a consultation to make sure they are right for you, and we are able to color-match and order your hair.

Tape, Hand-Tied, Beaded Weft, Fusion$300-$1250 not including hair


Makeup Application (new artist only)$25.00
Traditional or airbrush application (including strip lashes) performed by one of our future bridal artists. This is a discounted service in place to give our artists a chance to refine technique and speed.
Classic Full Face$55

+ Indicates starting price based on stylist level and consultation.

Consultation required at least 48 hours in advance.

Hourly rate.

⌘ Deposit required, non-refundable based on the level of stylists and your hair needs!

“Children’s cut” assumes child will be able to sit still for up to 30 minutes. Service may be discontinued if stylist is unable to finish in allotted time. Does not include scalp massage, and stylist may wet hair at station in lieu of shampoo.