7819 Southtown Center
Bloomington, MN 55431


Mon-Fri 10am-8pm
Saturday 9am-7pm
Sunday 10am-6pm

This plan represents a comprehensive set of measures that address our environment, capacity, sanitation, distance and reporting/identification of sick employees/guests. It is important to remember that COVID has up to a 14 day incubation period. These measures are in place to reduce risk to employees and guests, but cannot eliminate it entirely.

Key things to know about your visit

  • Mask is required for entry and must be worn during your entire visit. We are unable to provide services that require the removal of your mask at this time.
  • Cash is not accepted at this time. Credit cards or contactless payments only.
  • Door is kept locked. Call us at 952-884-5226 or text us at 612-230-1081 when you arrive and your stylist will come outside to get you when they are ready
  • Additional guests are not permitted due to capacity restrictions. This means no kids, family or friends may enter with you.
  • Your service provider will guide you through our enhanced intake process that includes: thorough handwashing, wipedown of small items you may touch during visit (i.e. cell phones), intake form, and contactless thermometer reading.

Plan details

  1. Distancing measures
    • Salon service stations have been rearranged to provide minimum 6 feet of distance
    • Credit card payment terminal is moved forward of Reception desk to provide 6 feet of distance from guests.
    • Worker schedules are staggered to meet recommended capacity restrictions of 50% fire code level.
    • Employee congregation is limited to 2 in our back room/break area
    • Waiting area has been removed, and guests other than the one receiving a service are not permitted in the salon to avoid unnecessary congregation or impact on capacity restrictions.
  2. Increased sanitation protocols
    • Additional 15 minute schedule blocks are reserved after each guest to allow for increased measures
    • All workstation surfaces are wiped down and sprayed thoroughly with Barbicide disinfectant, then soaked for the recommended 10 minute contact time after each service
    • All tools are cleaned and disinfected by immersion in Barbicide for the recommended 10 minutes after use on each guest
    • Any styling products used during service are kept at the stylist station until completion of service, so that containers may also be cleaned and sanitized before being returned to our group supply area. Sticks are used to remove products from jars.
    • Commonly used surfaces are wiped down with sanitation wipe, or towel sprayed with Barbicide on an hourly basis, to be logged and initialed by the employee who performed it. This includes these surfaces: all sink handles and countertops in salon area/bathroom, all door handles inside and out, iPad surface, thermometer handle, telephone handsets and buttons, computer mouse/keyboard, garbage bin lids/handles
    • Pens used for intake forms will be put in a container marked USED to be wiped/sanitized during downtime
    • Receptionists will sanitize their work area at the beginning of their shift including phone/handset, desktop, keyboard/mouse and upc scanner.
  3. Enhanced control measures for all guests and employees entering the salon
    • Salon entry door is locked and guest waiting area is eliminated
    • There are no “walk-ins” allowed for either services or retail purchases
    • Guests must call us to check-in for their appointment. Service provider will open the door and let their clients in when they are ready. 
    • No guests or employees will be permitted without wearing at minimum a cloth mask that covers their nose and mouth.
    • Retail-only purchases are available only by “curbside” by emailing or calling the salon to request products, and paying over the phone. Customers notify us when they are outside and we will bring their products to them
    • If a service guest decides to buy retail products, they will be retrieved from the shelf, scanned and bagged by their service provider.
    • Returns on retail purchases will never be reshelved.
    • Service provider will perform the guest intake as follows:
      • Instruct guest to set down items they intend to use during service (cell phones, etc) on a towel
      • Instruct guest to wash their hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds and dry with a paper towel
      • Allow guest to use disinfectant wipe to clean the items they’ve placed on the towel, or optionally store them in a sealable plastic bag during their service
      • Instruct guest to read and sign our information/consent form.
      • Take the guest temperature using our contactless thermometer. Any guest exhibiting a temperature of 100 degrees or greater will be asked to leave. 
  4. Employees must abide by the same requirements as guests as follows:
    • Wearing provided N95 protective masks or their own cloth ones
    • Remaining at home if they have a fever of 100 or greater (verified at the start of their shift with contactless thermometer) or are presenting symptoms as listed on our employee check-in
    • Must have been symptom free of illness for at least 14 days before working, or returning to work after illness.
    • Echo client intake by setting down their phone to wipe down, and washing their hands
  5. Environmental measures
    • Our HVAC system is maintained by agreement with a local certified HVAC company under contract for proper operation
    • 2 additional portable air filtration systems have been added to our work area
    • A portable hygrometer is placed in the salon to monitor humidity levels. This will be logged three times daily (morning, midday, evening) Recommended levels are 40-60%
  6. Recordkeeping measures
    • A centralized log is available to record
      • Employee check-ins with printed symptom screening, signature of agreement and recorded thermometer reading
      • Completion of hourly cleaning/disinfecting duties
  7. Employee reporting/control measures
    • Employees will be sent home if they present symptoms indicated on daily employee check-in form:
      • Fever of 100 degrees or higher
      • Cough
      • Sore throat
      • Shortness of breath, difficulty breathing
      • Loss of smell or taste
      • Flu-like symptoms
      • Runny nose
    • Employees must notify Salon Owner if they are unable to come to work due to self-reported symptoms or if they are unable to work due after self-screening when they come to work
    • Employees who exhibit symptoms and are unable to work must visit a COVID testing location. A positive test result will result in a telephone call to the Minnesota Department of Health for further advice/instruction.
    • Employees who test positive for COVID19 will be unable to return until they have fully recovered, are symptom free for 14 days, and have tested negative for COVID19.